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Tue-Fri, 10:30am-6pm

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Essentials Package

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5 reviews

The Dream Team: hair care doesn't get much simpler than this. Our straightforward, mistake-proof bundle will transform your everyday routine. Comes with a co-washing cleanser, milk conditioner, and rehabilitative serum for intensive moisture and repair. So easy, anyone can use it. Suitable for all hair types.


Wash. Condition. Seal. It's as simple as that.

For individual usage: Please follow each product's recommendations.

Store in a cool, dry place; preferably away from light. Heat may change the formulation of this product due to its natural ingredients.

Due to its natural ingredients—colour, scent, and consistency may vary. Please patch test our products on your hair and/or skin to make sure they are the right fit for you. A light, cooling sensation during use is normal (and healthy)!

KINKSOLOGY products are intensive and formulated from very fine molecules. If you choose to combine them with other products, please note that other formulas may be too heavy and can create unwanted buildup and/or residue. For best results, we strongly advise against combining with other non-Kinksology products.

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Amanda B.
Essentials Package

I’ve been using these products for a couple of years and I’m very happy with them. Introduced by my long time dear friend and hair dresser Bianca.

Mimi M.

The products made my hair easier to manage and flat ironing was a breeze I usually have to go over my hair twice at least. The price is worth it.

Emmy C.
Happy with the results!

My mother visited your shop in Mississauga and was instantly a fan. She event sent me a photo on WhatsApp with a beautiful smile and her new hairdo. She sent me your products to Paris, France. I waited a long time before trying it out but I have to say, from the moment I started to rub my scalp with the shampoo I felt the difference. I'm a very happy with the results! Let us buy these products in family sizes!

Candace M.
Hair has never looked better

When I first came to Kinks I was introduced to these products, when I came I had extreme psoriasis after only one use of these product I noticed that my scalp was improving. After only one month of constant use my psoriasis was almost gone. Now after under less than 5 months of sticking to these products religiously I no longer have psoriasis, and my over all scalp health is its best its ever been. Would recommend every product to anyone not only just for psoriasis but for the overall health of your scalp. Miracle products.

This stuff is amazing.

The co cleanse has a lovely slight tingling sensation whilst on the hair but once washed out WOW! I instantly noticed a difference in the texture of my hair and the shine was stunning. My hair is very fine and frizzy, it's natural with about 2 inches of relaxed hair left at the ends. Then we added the Hydra leave in and blow dried my hair. It was so straight and the movement was lovely. The healing serum is just amazing, a very little goes a long way and the smell of all these products is so refreshing. Citrus mmm. Overall i am extremely happy with my purchase. The proof is in the pudding and my hair feels like silk!! Would absolutely recommend.